Are You Hitting the Tires Too Hard?

Are You Hitting the Tires Too Hard?
By Don Terrill © -

I just got finished watching Dave Morgan's Chassis Videos and something he said got me thinking. He said the most important thing is making sure the tires are happy. Well, look at the image above, does it look happy? I don't think so. The image is my friend Kirk's 4speed Mustang that goes mid 10s. You think that shot is bad, you should see the rest of the run - he's almost put it into the guardrail on multiple occasions and couldn't make two passes within .10 of a second to save his life.

I'm not sure how to fix his car, but I do know how consistent a car can be that doesn't hit the tires hard. I had the Project '69 Camaro at the track on Friday to check out some new front disc brakes. I only made two passes and they were exactly the same et (11.154). In fact, figuring in the weather change from the last time out, the car has made 8 passes in a row within .01 of a second.

What's the difference in these two cars? The Camaro (with a powerglide, 10" converter and 4.10 gears), leaves like a 12 second car - nothing violent. People have actually commented on how slow it looks off the starting line. The Mustang has a ton of gear with the 4speed and none of the softness of a torque converter. It's a lot of fun to watch though :)

So, get out your video camera and find out how hard you're hitting the tires.

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