Quantum Leaps in Performance

Quantum Leaps in Performance
By Don Terrill (c) 2005

Incremental Thinking: Every year we get a little bit better.
  • 500 more RPM
  • 50 more Cubic Inches
  • .050 more Valve Lift
  • 0.1 higher Rocker Ratios
  • 10% lighter Components
  • 10 More CFM
  • 20 More HP
Stop Thinking Incrementally!

Quantum Thinking: Think big. Think about where we will be in 10-20 years and then try to do that in one year.
  • 5,000 more RPM
  • 500 more Cubic Inches
  • .500 more Valve Lift
  • 1.0 higher Rocker Ratios
  • 75% lighter Components
  • 300 More CFM
  • 500 More HP
Bill Jones, one of my favorite writers at Speed Talk, comments:

It's simple, incremental gains from incremental spending, quantum gains from quantum spending article_text: -I don't exactly know what quantum means but it must be big and expensive.
------------------------------------- -
This isn't to say Don's idea is wrong it's just that it costs tons of money to make the small incremental gains and there are tons of people all working and spending on the same sort of projects. -But to make the quantum gains like Don suggests it will take quantum money and quantum resources, more than any of us little guys would ever be able to participate in.
--------------------------------------------- -
I feel one of the reasons that the gains are usually incremental is because the rules makers have the forsight to know that they want to make quantum money from the spectators and to do that they have to have an interesting sport that people will pay the quantum prices and keep coming back for more.
------------------------------------------ -
So the only successful quantum gains I see is coming from suppression of the rules and the marketing: 1-of participation of their sport to the millionaires and the huge companies. 2-of the sport to the public who pay the quantum bucks to be entertained.

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