100% Qualified

100% Qualified
By Don Terrill (c)2005

Read enough of my material and you'll soon realize I believe the racing component with the most room for improvement is the human brain.

Interesting Stats:

The percentage of people who will ever create anything of real value in their lives: 5%

The percentage of people who feel they're qualified to tell the 5% what they've done wrong: 100%

I drive down the road and wonder who created all these man made objects, because I don't know any of these people. I know plenty of people who lay on the couch and point out the mistakes of others, but I don't know many who get up and create anything of real value.

Maybe my bar for value creation is too high?

Maybe, but in my world, most people view their ability to make fog on a mirror as a real accomplishment.

Anyway, want to take your racing to the next level? Well, you can start by not wasting your time pointing out the mistakes of others and instead get off the couch and create something, anything of value.

Did you find a mistake in this article? I figured, after all, you're 100% qualified to tell me what I did wrong.

What percentage are truly qualified to tell others what they've done wrong? 5% - Yep, the same 5% as above.

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