15 Street Tire Racing Tips

15 Street Tire Racing Tips
By Don Terrill (c)2005

No matter where you live in this country, you're not more than two hours from a race track, and thus there is no excuse for hot-rodding your car on the street. So, I will only be talking about racing your street car at the track.

The biggest problem I see for street tired cars is traction. Here are some tips:
  1. More weight in the trunk - More weight on rear tires.
  2. Less weight on front of car - Allows for more weight transfer.
  3. Less converter speed or launch rpm - Less shock to the tires.
  4. Less first gear ratio in trans - Less torque multiplication.
  5. Less rear gear ratio - Less torque multiplication.
  6. More camshaft duration - Kills low end torque.
  7. Tighter lash - Kills low end torque.
  8. Less ignition timing during launch - Kills power.
  9. More fuel during launch (Squirters?) - Kills power.
  10. Wider tires - Better traction.
  11. Taller tires - Better traction.
  12. Softer tire compound - Better traction.
  13. Tire pressure tuning - Better traction.
  14. Tuned front suspension - Allows controlled weight transfer.
  15. Tuned rear suspension - Keeps rear tires planted.
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