Mind of a Child

Mind of a Child
By Don Terrill (c)2005

You know how every generation believes the next generation is a bunch of Nitwits? Well, I think we may have reached the first time in history where this is true.

I constantly crack on the Generation-Whatevers for their lack of drive or common sense, but I will also be the first to point out an area where they can kick my ass - learning speed. I have a high desire to learn, but kids can run circles around me if they want to.

I think I know how they do it...


Watch a kid learn how to use a computer. What do they do? They jump right in and start clicking on everything. What do adults do? They are frozen with the fear of screwing something up. The kids, they couldn't care less if they break something.

So, while I'm not worried about the current generation of kids knocking me off the top of the food chain anytime soon, I do think us old-timers could learn from their lack of fear.

Act like a child:
  • Push buttons
  • Pull levers
  • Make mistakes
  • Break things
  • Think Big!
Build an engine like a child:
  • Install a wild camshaft
  • Try goofy valve sizes
  • Run it on Nitromethane & Nitrous Oxide
  • Port the cylinder heads yourself
  • Use an astronomical compression ratio
  • Build an Intake for 4 carburetors
  • Run giant headers
  • Build 1000 cubic inches
  • Ask the nearest child for more ideas
Are you a kid? Were you offended by my comments? Don't be, I'm acutally on your side and hope you prove me wrong big time.

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