10 Power Plays

10 Power Plays
By Don Terrill (c)2005

1) Mix fuel - At the very least you should test cutting your race fuel with unleaded (pump or race). At the most, well, things can get pretty scary.

2) Flush with cold water - Old, old, old drag race tip that still works today. There's predictable power in having the top of the engine cold and the bottom hot. So, hot lap the car a few times and then ice it with cold water - works every time.

3) Ice intake manifold - Take it one step further, place ice bags on the intake manifold before the run.

4) Drain a quart of oil - Another one of those tips that works every time, well, right up to the point where the engine blows up. Just kidding. The fact is; 99% of engines are running with too much oil. Test it one day at the track - make a couple passes, drain a quart of oil and try it again. Yep, works every time.

5) Cut the rear-end gear lube with trans fluid - Mix it 50/50. This won't help gear longevity, but hey, it will give you more opportunities to test different ratios. Want to really push it, only run the rear with one quart of lube.

6) Use synthetic lubes - Everyone knows the engine oil, but what about the trans, rear-end and wheel bearings?

7) Heat lubes - Even synthetic lubes can benefit from some extra heat. Though you can get some heat by just driving the car, the amount of heat needed usually requires some electrical help.

8) Cool induction air - We all know how important the weather is to engine performance, especially the temperature, but there are other ways to lower the air temp being fed to the engine. You can try a hood scoop, cowl hood or cold air kit. Even something like the color of the hood can effect under hood air temperature.

9) Pressurize induction air - Some of the same things that can cool the air can also pressurize it. If you're using a hood scoop, make sure it seals perfectly to the carb.

10) More launch rpm - Doesn't always work, but many cars can benefit from putting your foot in the throttle on the starting line. If it doesn't work, you may want to look at your power curve or suspension.

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