Car, Driver, Engine - Eliminate Any Two!

Car, Driver, Engine - Eliminate Two!
By Don Terrill (c)2006

While talking to teams contemplating a move to the next level, I always give the same advice "you've got three variables: the Car, the Driver and the Engine - You need to eliminate ANY two as potential problems before you show up for your first race."

In other words, if your driver is of unknown quality, you'd better have a good car and engine. Likewise for an unknown engine or chassis.

Results from NOT eliminating two:
  • Prolonged tuning - The time required to sort out a car goes up exponentially when you have to focus on more than one area of the equation. Can you imagine showing up at a new track with question marks on the car, driver and engine? You'd have to be the luckiest person on the planet to run well.
  • Finger pointing - The chassis building blames the engine builder, the engine builder blames the chassis builder and the driver blames everybody. Not a pleasant situation to say the least.
How to Eliminate Question Marks:

The car:
  • Buy one of known quality - The best choice is buying one with a proven history of winning. Buying a new chassis, no matter how good the builder, still leaves a question.
The driver:
  • Hire the best driver in the class
  • Let someone else hop in the car
  • Find another ride for your driver
The engine:
  • Buy one of known quality
  • Dyno test
  • Try another engine
Maybe it's because I'm an engine builder, but I believe the engine is the easiest to eliminate - it's easy to qualify - just dyno it. The driver and chassis have no such definitive test. For me, there really is no excuse for showing up at the track with an unknown engine.

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