2007's Most Popular Racing Posts

2007's Most Popular Racing Posts
By Don Terrill (c) - www.RacingSecrets.com

Fatal Mistakes....
Indexing spark plugs ??
Micrometer choices????
old school vs modern, can it be done
When does a firing order swap on a SBC become an advantage??
Cam profile in relation to airflow curve
Interesting flat tappet pre break-in treatment.
power pulses and rpm
Rotating weight.....crankshaft....bobweight
intake port screens?
I specialize in Filtration and would like to share so info:
valve to piston clearance
700+hp N.A. Ford engine ideas, budget.
Suggestions please...600hp sbc buildup
horsepower increase w/ dry sump and vacuum pump
Valve Size
I.E ratio for heavy nitrous 565
KB hypers & timing
squirter pullover,,dominators
Let's talk assembly lube
Holley Carburetor Emulsion
What is the most effective windage tray for a SBC?
TQ vs. HP which is more important. . .
The great torque/HP debate
Bearing damage analysis
race oil
Singh Groove testing redux and CFD for groove positioning.
carbs and fouled plugs on the street big solid roller cam...
Camshaft profile design - hard on parts?
k&n stub stack
Standard Vs High Volume Oil Pump Pressure.
Diagnosing hurt motor
balancing holes ?
Weirdest engine rattle ever, BBC454. Help!
Minimum quench in BBC?
Square Headers??
too much compression vs. cam timing, what happens?
Has anyone here done any testing on mufflers
Suggestions for "pullover"
Oxygenated Fuel??
Does MSD make power?
Why does this car burn my eyeballs right out of my face??
Squeezing more HP out of a 434
Question about repeated bearing failure
1000HP SBC in the Making
How much vacuum does an intake port really see?
Would like to find 70 hp from my 582
Solid vrs roller cam on a street motor
Where does power come from?
Pump gas BBC street motor
Pushrod Deflection
head flow vs cam choice
Why are carbs still use in racing if F.I. is so much better
Intake/Exhaust ratio
HP - RATE - Actual Performance
high lift flow backing up
compression ratio limit
Quench v.s. Squish?
Help analyze port design, pictures within...
cfm gain to horsepower gain correlation
Port Velocity vs RPM Range
Port Area Curve
intersting head design
Cam Gurus, Question about Dynamic Compression
% Mixture burned/crank angle
Valve shrouding - myth or fact?
Detonation starts on intake side of chamber. True?