Horsepower Maximus - "At My Signal, Unleash Hell"

Horsepower Maximus - "At My Signal, Unleash Hell"
By Don Terrill (c) - www.RacingSecrets.com

Russell Crowe's character in the opening scene of the movie Gladiator wins the battle by heavily stacking the deck in his favor via an overwhelming force. We should do the same.

I've written in the past about the failings of incrementalism - a method of improving by making small changes on a regular basis. It may be the easiest and most affordable path, but it won't help you distance yourself from the rest of the field - because, they're moving at the same slow pace.

From this day forward, I challenge you to think big and always push for the decisive victory.

(1) Fender Swelling Cubic Inch
If you're not traction limited and there are no rules limiting or punishing more cubic inches, go for it - build the largest engine ever used for your type of racing. Heck, put a second engine in the trunk if you want.

(2) Massive Organic Airflow
Your heads flow over 500 cfm? Yawn...no one cares. Why not shoot for a number so high, it's never even been considered before?

(3) Ear Splitting RPM
HP = RPM x Torque / 5252. So, the higher RPM, the more the HP. The catch? You need to be able to feed the engine enough air to sustain the Torque numbers at higher RPMs. Formula 1's 19,000 RPM should be viewed as idling.

(4) Gasket Bursting Compression
Compression Ratio = (D + PV + DC + G + CC) / (PV + DC + G + CC). D = Cubic Inches per cylinder and is above the division line in the formula, so any increase in engine size will lead to higher compression. To reach the limit of your combination, make a mold of your combustion chamber and send it to your piston company to have domes made that perfectly match your heads.

(5) Spring Killing Valve Lift
Some of you will remember when .700 inches of lift was a lot. Today the number is higher, but nothing groundbreaking has happened in the last five decades. How about coming up with a head that flows at 2.0 inches of valve lift and then designing a cam to take advantage of it?

(6) Ginormous Blowers and Turbos
Creating massive organic airflow is not enough, we need to "cheat" and force as much air/fuel mixture into the combustion chamber as possible. We could throw a 6-71 blower or a single turbo charger on the engine, but where's the big thinking?

(7) Fire Hose Fed Nitrous Oxide
A 250 HP nitrous kit? You've got to be kidding me. We want more, much more.

To decide if you're thinking big enough, ask...
  • Has it never been done before?
  • Does it seem impossible?
  • Will people call me crazy?
Yes, yes, yes - then you should consider doing it.

Ok, so I know some of the above is crazy and won't work, but I'm just trying to get you, my racing brothers and sisters, to think big and remember...

What we do in life echoes in eternity.

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