Light Speed, Ridiculous Speed, Ludicrous Speed...

Light Speed, Ridiculous Speed, Ludicrous Speed...
By Don Terrill (c) RacingSecrets.com

I've talked in the past about changing our thinking from making incremental improvements to quantum leaps. http://blog.raceology.com/2005/01/quantum-leaps-in-performance.html

What area will give us the biggest payoff for a quantum leap?

HP = Torque * RPM / 5252

This simple formula shows us where we need to look for more Horsepower. We need to (a) increase both Torque and RPM or to (b) increase either of them without decreasing the other.

So you say to yourself, "Okay, I'll just change gears and spin the motor higher." One problem: After the Peak Torque RPM it's all down hill for Torque. Then how do we move the Peak Torque RPM up and/or keep Torque from falling off as much after the peak?

Here's my definition of Peak Torque RPM: it's the highest RPM where the engine can feed itself effectively.

So it's clear, we need an intake system that can feed the engine a larger air/fuel mix and an exhaust system able to clear the increased output of combusted gas.

Now, you hear warnings all the time about making intake/exhaust ports too big, but if the goal is to move the operating RPM range of the engine up, this is exactly what the engine needs -- bigger ports with more flow.

If you're serious about making real increases in horsepower, your number one priority has to ALWAYS be moving the RPM range up.

Of course, with this extra RPM you're going to have to find components able to handle the increased load or you're going to have to accept higher failure rates.

Now I ask you, will this be another year where you make a small incremental improvement or will you make the leap?

Extra points for those who know the movie that made the phrase "ludicrous speed" famous.

Want to send off a nasty email about how wrong I am? Well, first read this and then write your own article.